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Quickview Doodle Studio Doodle Studio
-15 %
Model: KA10656
Doodle Studio reinvents the classic magnet doodle with a huge drawing surface and a bundle of activity cards. Your baby can learn to draw different shapes, do matching, learn to draw different animals and objects, and learn to tell time! Equipped with a Patrick stylus that is tailored for a baby's g..
USD$36.13 USD$42.50
Quickview 2 in 1 Talking Ball 2 in 1 Talking Ball
Hot -15 %
Model: KA10621
This ball can count. Throw it to your baby, it says 1. Baby throws it back, it says 2. What a funny way to learn counting. Good exercise to sharpen your kid's coordination skills and exercise his gross motors too.Flip-flap.. the ball turns magically into an English teacher. Throw it again, now it sa..
USD$29.58 USD$34.80
Quickview Cars In Town Cars In Town
-15 %
Model: KA10665
Vroom vroom, go the cars around and around the city! “Cars in Town” is a mini city complete with nine different soft vehicles and a busy playmat with a school, fire station, and much more! The multi-colored cars display different numbers and occupations, great for learning and role-playing. These li..
USD$34.68 USD$40.80
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