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Quickview Patrick's Color Learning Pen Patrick's Color Learning Pen
New -20 %
Model: KA10777
Bag (closed): 28.5cm(W) x 21cm(H)Bag (open): 28.5cm(W) x 42cm(H)Pen: 7cm(W) x 23cm(H) x 7cm(D)Red, blue, green, yellow...Point to a color - this amazing pen can name the colors one by one. Together with a lively color song, your kids can learn all these colors in no time.Include:  &n..
USD$41.28 USD$51.60
Quickview POPBO BLOCS Chain-an-inchworm POPBO BLOCS Chain-an-inchworm
-25 %
Model: KA10610
Chain-an-inchworm is a set of colorful and educational beads. Children can train their fine motor and logic skills as they link the pieces together to build inchworms of different lengths and color sequences. But they don't have to stop at inchworms. Children can let their imaginations run wild by b..
USD$17.40 USD$23.20
Quickview Clip N Sort Clip N Sort
-20 %
Model: KT21018
Reinforce eye-hand coordination, fine motor skill and concentration.Develop logical thinking.With this toy a child should be able to train their fine motor skill through gripping. With good use of their two fingers, encourage the child to use the stick to clip the bones into the matching color bowls..
USD$15.60 USD$19.60
Quickview Colorful Bowling Friends Colorful Bowling Friends
-20 %
Model: KA10366
The bowling set made of soft plastic includes 1 ball and 6 cute animal pins. Babies can play with them as healthy game to exercise small and large muscle, balancing ability and social skills when play with siblings.Pin: 5cm(Diameter) x 19cm(H)Ball: 10cm(Diameter)Age: 24M+Parents Support Center..
USD$31.80 USD$39.80
Quickview Learning Blocks Learning Blocks
New -25 %
Model: KA10773
Cube: 8cm(W) x 8cm(H) x 8cm(D) Triangle: 10cm(W) x 5cm(H) x 8cm(D) A long-term, smart-play toy, which paves the way for discovery and intelligence development of kids! There are a total of 12 cubes and 5 triangles for stacking. Numbers, "Peek-a-boo" and a variety of pictures on the cu..
USD$33.00 USD$44.00
Quickview Owl! The Stacking Bucket Family Owl! The Stacking Bucket Family
-25 %
Model: KA10498
It is an Owl, it is a shape sorter, it is a stacking bucket toy! 5 amazing stacking buckets with lots of play values.Size: 19cm(W) x 19cm(H) x 19cm(D)Age: 12M+Parents Support Center..
USD$27.90 USD$37.20
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