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POPBO Farm - Cow/Horse/Peacock + 4 fences

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POPBO Farm - Cow/Horse/Peacock + 4 fences

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Popbo Farm has all your favorite animals! Each set comes with 3 Popbo Blocs animals and 4 Popbo Blocs fences. Your baby can learn about building and taking things apart, recognize the heads and tails of different animals, do imaginative role play, and have a laugh combining different animals together!

Age: 12M+

Hen:4.5cm(W) x 7cm(H) x 8cm(D)
Pig:4.5cm(W) x 7cm(H) x 8cm(D)
Sheep:4.5cm(W) x 8cm(H) x 8cm(D)
Cow:4.5cm(W) x 8.5cm(H) x 8cm(D)
Horse:4.5cm(W) x 9cm(H) x 10cm(D)
Peacock:4.5cm(W) x 6cm(H) x 7.5cm(D)
Fence:6cm(W) x 6cm(H) x 2cm(D)