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Model: CP85091
Music and songs are natural and vital to children’s growth and development. “Sing-Along Starter Set” is designed for toddlers to learn English through “sing-along” in their early stage of English learning. Through sing-along, children can enjoy learning with fun. It can enhance their emotion of happ..
Model: CP85042
A learning kit includes bundle of talking materials, which teaches over 2,000 words and various skills. It includes 8 interactive learning books, 200 talking flash cards and 200+ pcs talking stickers. Each set comes with a CROCOPen™ and Super Cartridge to work with the learning materials.S..
Model: CP85006
CROCOPen™ Starter Set includes a CROCOPen™, Super Cartridge and starter book – “The Miracle Journey with CROCOPen”. The talking CROCOPen™ magically brings every inch of every page of book or every piece of learning material to life with sounds, words, rhymes, games, music and mor..
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