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Some children may need special training in some areas. K's Kids has specially developed a series of toys called Training2s™ to help children to improve their skills at areas that they are weak at. Parents or teachers can make use of these tools to improve a child's weakness, such as improve eye-hand coordination, sensory integration, body balance, small and big muscles, emotions, logical sequences etc. Training2s™ are developed by education specialists with professional knowledge.


Model: KT21006
Reinforce motor skills and logical thinkingFine motor training exercise can improve children's proprioception and physical coordination. Sea Creature Chains is a training tool to reinforce motor skills, eye-hand coordination, focus and concentration. Sea Creature Chains can also train children's lit..
Model: KT21004
Strengthen hand muscles and sensory developmentSome children's tactile sensation may be distressed by seemingly normal touches and easily get upset. Gripping the sensory ball can erase children's sensory integration disorder problems by stimulating their sense of touch. It can also help release thei..
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