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Some children may need special training in some areas. K's Kids has specially developed a series of toys called Training2s™ to help children to improve their skills at areas that they are weak at. Parents or teachers can make use of these tools to improve a child's weakness, such as improve eye-hand coordination, sensory integration, body balance, small and big muscles, emotions, logical sequences etc. Training2s™ are developed by education specialists with professional knowledge.


Model: KT21023
Provide tactile stimulations. Strengthen sensory developmentTouch N Feel Shapes comes with 15 sensory pads (5sets x 3shapes), 1 storage/guess bag, 15 game cards and 1 guide book. The sensory pads are made of 5 different fabrics to provide different tactile stimulations. Start to familiarize the chil..
Model: KT21028
Understand different expressions and feelings. Encourage eye contact and communicationSome children may have difficulties in neither expressing their feelings nor understanding others’ feelings. These children normally will avoid direct eye contact with others. It is difficult for them to process th..
Model: KT21018
Reinforce eye-hand coordination, fine motor skill and concentration.Develop logical thinking.With this toy a child should be able to train their fine motor skill through gripping. With good use of their two fingers, encourage the child to use the stick to clip the bones into the matching color bowls..
Model: KT21008
Enhance gross and fine motor skillsWind up Emma comes with a walking chicken and four keys. This toy is specially designed to train the fine movements of fingers. Key 1 is for thumb and forefinger. Key 2 is for first three fingers and preparation for writing. Key 3 is for wrist and arm movements. Ke..
Model: KT21011
Train fine motor skills.Enhance the ability of self-care and self-confidence.Learning dressing skills can enhance self-care ability, establish good habits and develop a sense of responsibility and self-confidence. Children can practice zipping, tying and buttoning with 2 in 1 Dress Up Doll. Buttons ..
Model: KT21014
Train oral motor and fine motor skills.Enhance emotional stability.Mouth muscles are closely related to the skill of speech and articulation. Blow and Blow is a training tool to strengthen a child's jaw muscles. Child needs to blow the plastic bones from the starting point to the end point on the ca..
Model: KT21025
Reinforce fine motor skills. Develop spatial awarenessA set of 18 colorful snapping straps can give children loads of fun and learning experience. Through snapping and unsnapping these colorful straps, children can develop their hand muscles and fine motor skills. The snapping action and sound also ..
Model: KT21012
Understanding of food.Improve the problem of picky eating.Most children have the problem of picky eating and resist certain types of food. Healthy Diet comes with a hand puppet and 34 food cards. Parents can show how the puppet enjoys all different kind of good food and the value of these foods. The..
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Model: KT21031
Improve concentration; strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills;Enhance spatial intelligence, develop color concepts and visual discrimination. Stacking cubes can improve concentration and enhance cognitive abilities! The picture cards have three difficulty levels or can be freely cons..
Model: KT21032
Memory Challenge can cultivate thinking ability and perseverance;Improve children's attention, concentration and visual recognition skills, and also enhance social skills Children learn to abide by game rules and develop patience and perseverance while playing.Through interactions with friends ..
Model: KT21010
Understand different feelings and express appropriate reactions.Develop social interaction skills.My Feelings helps children identify emotional states both in themselves and others. 36 scenarios pictured on My Feelings booklet help children understand feelings and reactions to different situations. ..
Model: KT21027
Develop organization and sequencing. Improve language skillsMy Picture Diary helps children develop organization, sequencing and language skills. Children can organize their own diary using 20 daily activity cards. Select the planned activities and put the cards into pockets according to the sequenc..
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