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Big Toys & Playmats

Big Toys & Playmats
Model: KA10802
A versatile 4 in 1 Baby Gymini Set can be used not only on the floor as a playmat, but also in car seats and strollers. It comes with a mat, detachable arches and accessories: a Hula Loop, a rattling cube and a baby-friendly mirror. (The detachable arches are suggested to use up to baby 5-month-old ..
Model: KA10832
A roomy car for babies to relax, enjoy their bottles of milk and watch TV. With the electronic dashboard, it will keep the baby busy and experience the real fun of driving.Age: Newborn+..
Model: KA10445
Boss, the blue/pink dinosaur with 60 balls in his/her tummy, is waiting for your baby to give him/her a big, big hug! Sit your baby inside Boss' soft tummy and your baby will have hours of fun in this colorful ball pool. Zip it up and there are other activities for kids to discover. With lots of pla..
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Model: KA10345
A roomy car for babies to relax, enjoy their bottles of milk and watch TV. With the electronic dashboard, it will keep the baby busy and experience the real fun of driving.Size: 54cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 56cm(D)Age: Newborn+Parents Support Center..
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Model: KA10660
The Love Circle is a delicately crafted playmat. It has two big huggable cushions that link up to form a cozy circle for your baby, making him feel secure as he lies down in an intimate surrounding. The cushions are also equipped with a variety of activities and games. Fold down the flexi-arch and s..
Model: KA10414
A multi-function, electronic mat to give baby the sense of security. Motion-activated light and music system (detachable for easy cleaning) at the back bumper to stimulate baby's senses, make it more fun and interactive. With adjustable corners, it can be an enclosed crib, a circular mat with fold u..
Model: KA10659
Crawl through the tunnel and get to the locomotive, stick your head out and take a peak outside the train! The Pop Up Train Station has plenty of space for your child to crawl and row around, it trains a child's gross motor skill and logical imagination through active role play. Parents can also pla..
Model: KA10658
The School Bus Ball Pool has a huge playing space so your child can spend hours and have fun in this Pop Up ball pool. With beautiful graphics and colorful balls, the School Bus Ball Pool is also a great looking toy to have at home.Size: 73cm(W) X 73cm(H) X 80cm(D)..
Model: KA10617
Tony the Pony is a big bundle of fun for your little one. He whinnies, has crinkly, alphabet hair and a long, colorful tail. Your baby can hug him, ride on him, and stay busy with all the different activities: a mirror, teether, button, zipper... and much more!Size: 44cm(W) x 46cm(H) x 50cm(D)Parent..
Model: KA10626
Placing babies on their tummies strengthens their neck muscles and prepares them for crawling. Spend time with your baby with this tummy time playmat! It comes with a detachable mirror, two tummy cushions, peek-a-boo activities, and a fun insect searching game. When you child grows older, she can ev..
Model: KA10657
The playmat is designed for infants that are just learning to move. The soft and cozy mat makes crawling fun and comfortable, and the pop up tent makes a fun tunnel to crawl thru! Beautiful graphics on the playmat itself also teaches colors and numbers and can also be used as a growth chart. An ador..
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