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Activity Toys

Activity Toys
Model: KA10822
A long-term, smart-play toy, which paves the way for discovery and intelligence development of kids!There are a total of 8 cubes, 4 triangles and 2 cylinders for stacking. A variety of pictures on the cubes enable kids to learn consequences, counting and matching. A puzzle provides good practice in ..
Quickview 2 in 1 Talking Ball 2 in 1 Talking Ball
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Model: KA10621
This ball can count. Throw it to your baby, it says 1. Baby throws it back, it says 2. What a funny way to learn counting. Good exercise to sharpen your kid's coordination skills and exercise his gross motors too.Flip-flap.. the ball turns magically into an English teacher. Throw it again, now it sa..
Model: KA10840
Realistic and interesting car dashboard with a steering wheel, horn, turn signal and safety mirror. It offers a simulation driving experience to children...
Quickview Baby's First Book Baby's First Book
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Model: KA10643
Size: 12.5(W) x 14cm(H)..
Model: KA10665
Vroom vroom, go the cars around and around the city! “Cars in Town” is a mini city complete with nine different soft vehicles and a busy playmat with a school, fire station, and much more! The multi-colored cars display different numbers and occupations, great for learning and role-playing. These li..
Model: KA10841
Use gross and fine motor skills to catch these colorful ball to enjoy a happy bath every night...
Quickview Colorful Bowling Friends Colorful Bowling Friends
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Model: KA10366
The bowling set made of soft plastic includes 1 ball and 6 cute animal pins. Babies can play with them as healthy game to exercise small and large muscle, balancing ability and social skills when play with siblings.Pin: 5cm(Diameter) x 19cm(H)Ball: 10cm(Diameter)Age: 24M+Parents Support Center..
Model: KA10807
Read to your baby and stimulate baby’s babbles.Size: 13.5cm(W) x 13.5cm(H) ..
Quickview Day N Night Owl Clock Day N Night Owl Clock
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Model: KA10662
Tick tock, tick tock! What's the time on the clock? Teach baby the concept of day and night, teach them how numbers are related to different time of the day. Pull the two handles together to activate the tick tock sound, pull again, now it plays music.A good training for gross motor skills and for u..
Model: KA10834
Total 8 blocks are in different shapes, materials, textures & colors. Babies can learn shape sorting, shapes, texture with the soft blocks. And, babies freely sort 4 plastic blocks, which match the openings on the house ceiling panel. More learning from color matching with graphics of side pa..
Model: KA10580
The Fairy Caterpillar comes with a mirror, a soft teether, eight feet, crinkly wings and a magical smile! Babies can hug and babies can bite.Size: 43cm(W)x13cm(H)x12cm(D)Parents Support Center..
Quickview Fairy Jumbo Go Go Go™
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Model: KA10345-2PG
54cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 56cm(D) A roomy car for babies to relax, enjoy their bottles of milk and watch TV. With the electronic dashboard, it will keep the baby busy and experience the real fun of driving...
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