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We are Kids lovers. For over 20 years we have developed TOYS that provide developmental benefits to kids in their early childhood. The industry has recognized our effort by granting us 100 international awards. K's Kids toys are NOT JUST TOYS but developmental tools for the young masters.

We have developed a LEARNING TRIANGLE to explain the benefits of each of our TOY. We have established a PARENTS SUPPORT CENTER as a platform for parents to come and understand the goodies and function of our TOY and how to make use of them to develop their kids.We believe that the world will be better if our next generation grows up with love and care.

Our Mission
We are committed to develop TOYS that develop KIDS.






Model: KA10350
Product size: 14(W) x 19(W) x 14(D)cm..
Model: KA10454
Product size: 18(W) x 30(H) x 7(D)cm..
Model: KA10422
Provide cause-and-effect concept learning for babies. Great for training baby's fine motor skill through repetition. Our Pelican is getting hungry again! Need baby's help to get seafood in the tub. Press the handle to have Pelican clicked his wings, opened his mouth to taste the yummy seafood. Water..
Model: KA10692
Kids love balls and so does Hungry Pelican. He is holding all the balls for kids to enjoy in their bathtub. Bathing is always a wonderful time for kids.Age: 12M+Size: 31(W) x 51(H) cmParents Support Center..
Model: KA10307
Rattling tail with colorful beadsVarious pattern on twisty body for tactile stimulation..
Model: KA10119
19cm(W) x 34cm(H) x 12cm(D) Incredible soft dolls which are safe for baby to sleep and play with...
Model: KBA15111
38cm(W) x 38cm(H) x 6.5cm(D)..
Model: KA10289
Product size: 6(W) x 8(H) x 3(D)cm..
Model: KA10419
Babies enjoy bath, and so do their toys! Wayne/Julia needs a bath because they are muddy. Dirt marks printed on the doll are treated with heat sensitive ink. When put in warm water of 32-35 degree Celsius, the marks will go away. When cooled down, the marks will be back again. It is made of water-re..
Model: KA10449
A nice piece of role-play toy for home and for travel! With a suitcase, a unique passport, a small towel & a cuddly doll Wayne/Julia, it is perfect to keep your kids busy and experience the real fun of role-playing no matter they are at home or on a trip with you!..
Model: KA10443
Having fun with the Jumbo Go Go Go? Your baby may also want to "fly" with this Jumbo Jet. With detachable Patrick Dash Board for fun and rich educational functions: Lights, Music, Sound and Texture. Dashboard can be easily fixed to stroller and car seat...
Model: KA10348
Soft octopi that can be fixed on a baby cot, stroller or wrist of a baby as both a dou dou and rattle. Legs made of different materials for rich tactile stimulation. Machine washable...
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