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Cognitive Development

Model: KA10756
Match the pictures and listen to the sound of 4 modes of transportation. Can you recognise the choo-choo sound of the train? The colorful blocks consist of 6 sides so babies can learn to identify 4 different vehicles and counting!Size:8cm(W) x 8cm(H) x 8cm(D)Age:18M+* 4 different animal sound*..
Model: KIT23006
Musical Piano Fish has teethable fins and tail, colourful piano keys light up and can play 5 melodies or do re mi fa so. Easy grip handle with crackling rings.W140 X H190mm..
Model: KIT23005
Musical Rock Star Guitar plays 6 exciting melodies with shiny lights. Press the button at the top to switch between music playing mode and instrument mode. Shake the colorful beads for rattling sounds!W140 X H190mm..
Model: KIT23003
Musical Saxophone plays 6 exciting melodies with shiny lights. Press the button at the bottom to switch between music playing mode and instrument mode. Twist the circle for crackling sound. Rattling beads and rattling rings on easy grip handle.W140 X H190mm..
Quickview Pop N Stack Pop N Stack
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Model: KA10624
Pop N Stack is a new version of the classic stacking game. First, pop the pole together, then stack the rings! The ring can also be clicked together to form a chain! The pole and rings are soft and safe for little hands and great for coordination and fine motor skills training.Size: 12cm(W) x 24cm(H..
Model: KA10623
Pop! Popbo Blocs are soft plastic blocks you can pop on... and pop off! Fun Park is the starter set for toddlers to start the fun building blocks journey with Popbo blocks. It includes 18 Popbo Blocs of five different shapes, as well as two character blocks. Children will have tons of fun building t..
Model: KA10629_1
These are no ordinary stacking cups…animals, numbers, ABCs, K’s Kids characters and their favorite objects live in this tower of cups! Children can learn as they stack, twisting cups to match the graphics. Then they can twist the lids off and drop the rattling egg down the tower. Children can even t..
Quickview Baby Blocks Baby Blocks
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Model: KA10622
Babies love Blocks. They build and stack them. There is also plenty to learn: shapes, numbers, counting, matching and building a long train. They can also assemble 6 cartoon characters to learn their professions: Patrick the fireman, Wayne the pilot, Mimi the nurse, and more. They can further find t..
Model: KA10821
Babies love Blocks. They build and stack them. They can also assemble 6 animals to learn their names.There is also plenty to learn: shapes, matching and building a long train. each Block Size: 8cm(W) x 8cm(H) x 8cm(D)Age: 9M+..
Model: RP50354
Size: 14cm(W) x 20.5cm(H)..
Model: KT21012
Understanding of food.Improve the problem of picky eating.Most children have the problem of picky eating and resist certain types of food. Healthy Diet comes with a hand puppet and 34 food cards. Parents can show how the puppet enjoys all different kind of good food and the value of these foods. The..
Quickview Infinity Cubes
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Model: KT21031
Improve concentration; strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills;Enhance spatial intelligence, develop color concepts and visual discrimination. Stacking cubes can improve concentration and enhance cognitive abilities! The picture cards have three difficulty levels or can be freely cons..
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