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Physical Development

Brand: K's Kids Model: KW18109
Fishing is a great training game for kids.There is hand eye coordination, cause and consequence, logics, fine and gross motor training.Size: 29cm(W) x 24cm(H)..
Model: KA10692
Kids love balls and so does Hungry Pelican. He is holding all the balls for kids to enjoy in their bathtub. Bathing is always a wonderful time for kids.Age: 12M+Size: 31(W) x 51(H) cmParents Support Center..
Model: KA10206
20cm(W) x 11cm(H) x 19cm(D) Soft activity toy with 7 educational activities - play and learn at the same time! Features include: rattling nose, crunchy flap, zipper, button, squeaky body and rugged surface. Allows for shoe tying as well...
Model: KA10675
Babies love balls! The Patrick Ball Pit is an inflatable pool that comes with 20 balls. Babies can put the balls in the blue track and watch as they roll down to the pool. There are four holes in the pool for a color sorting game. There is also a ring toss game to train babies eye-hand coordination...
Model: KT21026
Reinforce fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Develop color concept and visual discrimination skillsFinger muscle training is essential for children to develop writing skills. Peg N Lace comes with a pegboard, 12 colorful fish-shaped pegs, 9 game cards of different skill levels and 2 lacing..
Model: KA10545
Do you want to see inchworm move? Just press him down. Yeah, the inchworm is walking around...
Model: KT21029
Train gross motor skills and balancing. Keep emotional stabilityGross motor skills are essential to help children strengthen their big muscles and perform body activities, like standing, sitting, walking and running etc. Throw N Hit is a very useful and playful indoor training tool to develop gross ..
Model: KT21024
Reinforce motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Develop logical thinkingA set of 10 Pop Lock Stacking Squares can help strengthen fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination. When children pull-apart and pop-together the stacking squares, it helps building big and small muscles. Also, it..
Model: KT21022
Strengthen finger muscle and sensory development. Improve focus and concentrationBabies learn through senses. They are relying on touch or tactile sense to experience the world. The Sensory Marble Maze features 3 soft mazes, each filled with 1 marble. Children need to use their fingers to push forwa..
Model: KT21019
Train balancing. Strengthen muscle tone.Keep emotional stability.Balance Cushion is a sensory integration training tool. It can help to improve a child's body balancing skill. Child needs to stand on the Balance Cushion to keep himself balance on it, this can help to develop motor planning* and coor..
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