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Patrick Stacker

Patrick Stacker

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What is inside Patrick's tummy? It's a rainbow stacking game! The Patrick Stacker contains 5 stacking cups with beautiful, embossed numbers, patterns and Patrick and friends characters. It also teaches colors and exercises your baby's motor skills and logical thinking, as he stacks the cups from large to small to build a tower.

red cup: 9.7cm(W) x 6cm(H)
orange cup: 8.8cm(W) x 5.6cm(H)
green cup: 7.9cm(W) x 5.2cm(H)
yellow cup: 6.9cm(W) x 4.8cm(H)
blue cup: 5.9(W) x 4.4cm(H)
cover: 10.4cm(W) x 5.8cm(H)

Age: 6M+

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