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K-Magic 2 pro


K-Magic 2 pro

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K-Magic 2 Pro" designed by education experts and was launched in 2011. It has been sold worldwide in ten years. The new generation of K-Magic 2 Pro is richer in content and more user-friendly. The design is based on K’s Kids "Learning Triangle". It can enhance kids' cognitive, physical and social skills!
  • Patrick & Friends take you on their adventures of friendship, learning, exploration, and self-discovery.
  • The content of the animation is extensive and diverse, covering different areas such as moral education, interpersonal relationships, science knowledge, sports, and art, etc.
  • Choose from Mandarin, English and Cantonese, and learn foreign languages with interesting stories.

384 learning games
  • 16 enlightening games, 384 game levels, 3 levels of difficulty, children can go from simple to deep or challenge different difficulties.
  • Strengthen your senses and train your intelligence with our collection of fun and interactive learning games.

Phonics system and 540 english words
  • Together with the Phonics Mode, children can easily learn to listen, read, write, and speak English.
  • Learn common words from different scenarios, and deepen memory with games.
  • A large number of words and phrases, cover all aspects of life.
  • A new systematic pronunciation thesaurus to help children lay a good foundation for foreign language pronunciation.
  • Children can read together with authentic, learn and use.
  • Demonstrate correct letter writing and elementary mathematics concepts.
  • Word quiz game deepens learning and memory.

16 Sing along and music videos
  • 8 new pieces of pure music are for children with different themes such as sleep, nature, soothing, fantasia, etc.
  • New animations guide children to use their infinite imagination.
  • Listen to calming music or get expressive, and sing and dance with Patrick and Friends.

16 Play development videos
  • Explore a room filled with fun and educational toys and discover many things you can learn from toys.
  • Each video includes a review section to repeat the content in a relaxed and lively way to deepen the memory.
  • Get to know things in the world, people's careers, etc., from the stories of interesting and cute characters.

22 E-books stories
  • Get into the habit of reading with 14 e-book stories and an interactive printed storybook (includes 8 stories).
  • The educational stories are highly interactive with vivid and interesting pictures. Reading the stories can help to train listening and reading skills.
  • Encourage children to read, and enhance their reading interest and language ability.