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POPBO BLOCS- Sea Creatures

POPBO BLOCS- Sea Creatures

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Children can build their favorite zoo and water world now with the Wild Animals and Sea Creatures sets. Each set comes with six animals and sea creatures respectively. They are also compatible with the other Popbo Blocs series... the possibilities are endless!

Octopus:7.5cm(W) X 6.5cm(H) X 7.5m(D) ;

Turtle:6cm(W) X 4.5cm(H) X 9.5m(D) ;

Crab:10.5cm(W) X 6.5cm(H) X 4.5m(D) ;

Dolphin:4cm(W) X 8cm(H) X 7m(D) ;

Whale:7cm(W) X 7cm(H) X 8m(D

Age: 12M+

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