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Activity Toys

Activity Toys
Model: KA10582
Size: 5.5cm(W)x7cm(H)x5cm(D)..
Model: KA10682
Sit on the body with head facing the mirror. Find yourself in the mirror.Embrace the big tail. Turn the tail with click click sound. Good for your gross motor.Explore the different textures with your senses. Enjoy teething with the teether.Pull the fish and see it coming out from the big big mouth.H..
Model: KA10632
Size: 12cm(W) x 5.5cm(H) x 3cm(D)..
Model: KA10346
With 6 blocks, a theatre and 3 animal finger puppets, this toy cultivates your baby's artistic talent and let him to become the director of his first Broadway show staged at home!..
Model: KA10536
"Boss" is a blue dinosaur who not only loves balls but enjoys all kinds of activites. He has put these activities onto his body for baby to enjoy: squeaking body and feet, crinkling fins, rattling ball, hand with mirrors, clicking flowers, textured spots on body, waggling tail. And a little ..
Model: KA10801
Kicking and balancing are vital for children as they begin to walk. Bouncing Patrick trains children's balance and strengthens their gross motor control. Get on now to hop and bounce with Bouncing Patrick.*Air pump included (for adult usage only)Product Size: 29cm(W) x 36.5cm(H) x 15cm(D)Packin..
Model: KA10252
Bee size: 12cm(W) x 12cm(H) x 5cm(D)Triangle size: 12cm(W) x 12cm(H) x 12cm(D)With 4 pieces of prism soft blocks(with a hole inside) and 3 mini clever bees, babies can use their imagination to put the blocks together in different shapes and form tunnels for the bees to fly in and out. Enhance babies..
Model: KA10113
Product size: 20(W) x 21(H) x 21(D)cm..
Model: KA10226
Product size: 78(W) x 18(H) x 18(D)cm..
Model: KA10641
Size: 18cm(W) X 20cm(H)..
Model: KA10655
Fasten HeeHaw Tony around your toddler's belly. When your toddler hops and runs, he’ll feel like he’s riding a pony! His movements activate fun sound effects, and this encourages him to jump and move even more. The toy is also suitable for babies as a mini activity center with rattle, crinkle, teeth..
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