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Toys with Awards

 Toys with Awards
Model: KA10421
A classic fish-catching toy for eye-hand coordination. With air inside, 6 colorful fishes can float on water. Suction cup at the back of Mi Mi allows mum to stick the whole set on the wall for air dry.Size: 22cm(W) x 20cm(H)Parents Support Center..
Model: KA10543
Exercise your little hands to light up the candles.Light up all candles and the birthday song begins.Blow out the candles with the cheering sound.It's time to cut the cake and share them with your loved ones.Cake: 20cm(W) x 18cm(H) x 20cm(D)Magic Wand: 16cm(H)Knife: 11.7cm(H)Age: 12M+Parents Support..
Model: KA10623
Pop! Popbo Blocs are soft plastic blocks you can pop on... and pop off! Fun Park is the starter set for toddlers to start the fun building blocks journey with Popbo blocks. It includes 18 Popbo Blocs of five different shapes, as well as two character blocks. Children will have tons of fun building t..
Model: KA10459
Lovely vehicle set consists of 4 cute "Pull Back" soft Autos. Kids play with the autos with rich imagination; never tire of pushing & pulling them around on the floor. A great way for baby to announce his effects & share their joy with peers while playing. Plastic base can be detached and th..
Model: KA10208
The Hungry Pelican provides repeated action learning for your child. This pelican is always hungry and has a big, wide open mouth, waiting for your child to feed her four cute toys - a shrimp, crab, octopus and fish.Size: 33cm(W) x 47cm(H) x 17cm(D)Parents Support Center..
Model: KA10617
Tony the Pony is a big bundle of fun for your little one. He whinnies, has crinkly, alphabet hair and a long, colorful tail. Your baby can hug him, ride on him, and stay busy with all the different activities: a mirror, teether, button, zipper... and much more!Size: 44cm(W) x 46cm(H) x 50cm(D)Parent..
Model: KA10622
Babies love Blocks. They build and stack them. There is also plenty to learn: shapes, numbers, counting, matching and building a long train. They can also assemble 6 cartoon characters to learn their professions: Patrick the fireman, Wayne the pilot, Mimi the nurse, and more. They can further find t..
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